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Lim & Young provides valuations of goodwill, indefinite-lived intangibles and long-lived assets for impairment testing purposes in accordance with International Accounting Standard 36: Impairment of Assets (IAS 36).


IAS 36 requires certain assets such as goodwill and indefinite-lived intangible assets be tested for impairment annually irrespective impairment indications, whilst long-lived assets should be tested for impairment when indicators of impairment exist. Goodwill is tested at a cash generating unit (CGU) level which is the smallest group of assets generating cash inflows that are largely independent of the cash inflows from other assets. The impairment test at CGU level compares the carrying value of the CGU to its recoverable amount, which is the higher of Value in Use (VIU) or Fair Value Less Costs of Disposal (FVLCD).

Lim & Young has extensive experience with the valuation requirements of IAS 36, and are familiar with the requirements and key areas of concern from auditors and regulators. We provide comprehensive support in the following areas:

  • Valuation of goodwill, indefinite-lived intangible assets and long-lived assets

  • Allocation of goodwill to CGUs

  • Perform Impairment test based on IAS 36 requirements

  • Measurement of the VIU and FVLCD of CGUs

  • Measurement of the fair value of indefinite-lived intangible assets

  • Measurement of the fair value long-lived assets


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